Our Mission

The Molson Sportsmen Hockey League was established in 1991/1992. The ten team recreational league was established to promote fun and community fellowship within an “open draft” hockey organization.

The League is open to anyone who is 30 years or older as of the start of the current hockey season. There are no restrictions on skill level; as a result, skill level amongst the players within the League varies significantly. Players are rated and Team Captains draft from the registered base of players each year to ensure well-balanced teams. Balancing of teams promotes sportsmanship, fun and competitiveness within the League.

We are proud that the 2021/2022 season will be our 30th year of operation. Games are played twice a week predominantly in the Angus Arena but also in Barrie’s Eastview Arena. All our games are officiated by two referees and a timekeeper. Our season consists of approximately 45 games, which include a round robin play off.

Enrollment in the League is limited to 120 players, who play on 8 teams. In the middle of September, Team Captains will draft players on to their teams. Every year completely new teams are formed. As a result, most players know each other and in many cases have played together at one time or another. In mid November, an equalization draft occurs (if necessary) to ensure that the Teams are indeed well balanced. The season culminates when the majority of the play-off games are played on a single weekend, “tournament” style.

The League operates predominantly under C.O.H.A. rules. All major infractions will result in suspension, which is set by the Executive Committee of the League. All suspensions may be appealed to the disciplinary committee, which consists of the Team Captains and two members of the Executive, whose decision is final.