Welcome hockey fans,

Based on 8 teams established in the previous season and the 14 players per team determined for this year, we are at 67.9% registered for 2022/23. If we receive more applications/waivers than the 112 player maximum, we will be looking at possibly adding more teams, but we would have to determine how many more than the 112-player maximum.

If I have not sent a confirmation email to you, kindly contact me at your leisure.

If you have not sent the signed application/waiver and you don’t want to miss out, please complete the attached application/waiver and send to molsonsportsmenhockey@gmail.com so I can add you to the registration list. If you want to secure your spot, send $100 by etransfer to molsonsportsmenhockey@gmail.com. The email is an auto-deposit etransfer address so no security questions are required.



Team RBC, 2021/2022 Champs


Welcome to the Molson Sportsmen Hockey League. The Barrie and area hockey league was established in 1991/92 to promote fun and community fellowship within an “open draft” hockey organization. The league is open to anyone who is 30 years or older as of January 1st of the current hockey season. No restrictions on skill level. Team Captains draft from the registered base of players each year to ensure well balanced teams. Balancing of teams promotes sportsmanship, fun and competitiveness within the league.

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Doug Leach